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Born May 19, 1931 in Chester, Pa., Richard “Dick” Keephart was the son of Lester M. and Katie Barker Keephart. He was a graduate of Chester High School and later graduated from Drexel University. Mr. Keephart was a World War II U.S. Army veteran. He was honorably discharged in 1955. Until his retirement 20 years ago, he owned and operated Orange Party Tree, a gift and card shop in Villanova, Pa. Mr. Keephart lived in Wallingford and owned a cottage in Betterton, where he spent most of his summers for the past 70 years. He enjoyed fishing, duck and goose hunting, collecting Betterton memorabilia and walking on the beach collecting beach glass and other items that washed up. Mr. Keephart also enjoyed teaching children how to fish. He was famous for paying his friends’ children with red licorice for each piece of blue beach glass they would find for him. Mr. Keephart was a member of Ducks Unlimited, the Sassafras River Association and the Betterton Community Development Committee.

Eulogy for Richard Keephart written by Ed Pfoutz...

Thirty eight years ago I was blessed to meet Dick Keephart.  He was a member of a hunting club which I was joining. Prior to meeting him, a friend of mine told me that Dick was a “Peach of a guy”. What an understatement! I found out quickly that he was so much more than that...I found out that he was a man who loved:

  • To appreciate the world around him - the Bay, the Sassafras River, the sunrise, the humming birds, the constantly changing sky, the tides, the wind, Betterton, Stoneton West, his leaky old boat, the "Doll House", the Ospreys and "Iggles."
  • To collect bottles, sea glass, drift wood and Charlie Joiner decoys.
  • To eat steamed crabs and make crab dip.
  • To go to Mrs. Edwards in Rock Hall to buy steamed crabs.
  • To drive the same car forever.
  • To take care of his cat, "Butterscotch."
  • To keep his money in a "Raisen Bran" box in the trunk of his car.
  • To shop and eat at "Vonnies."
  • To eat "Tasty Cake" pumpkin pies or any desert for that matter.
  • To watch the Philadelphia "Iggles."
  • To say "Very Nice."
  • To send "Hallmark" cards and run the "Orange Party Tree."
  • To make my family feel like they were part of his own.
  • To fish for "Rockfish" and hunt geese.
  • To never have his picture taken.
  • To wear the same old shoes because they felt good.
  • To spend time at the "Honey Hole", Lloyds Creek, the "Concrete" and "Kevin’s Cut."
  • To tell me about his family and friends.
  • To go to decoy shows in Chestertown and Havre De Grace.
  • To experience "Betterton Day" and sell T-shirts.
  • To talk about the "Old Days."
  • To entertain in Mrs. Stahr’s "Big House."
  • To take long walks.
  • To be a gentleman, a real class act.
  • To instill in others, all the things he loved so dearly.

But most of all, he loved his family and friends, all of you here today who cared so much for him.

Good Bye Dick. We Love You.